torstai 12. toukokuuta 2011

What did i do today?

Nothing special ,  I'll start talking about everything in this
blog now , probably my life too . well i shouldn't probably.
So , today i had my girlfriend over , shes the sweetest thing.
I showed her "Portal" , she caught on very fast actually.
she understood the idea very well , but the controls
did not work out for her , unfortunately , she doesn't
like to be filmed , so don't expect any kind of series.

i suppose i could tell you a bit about my self.
Im 17 years old , i play bass , have constucted my own
computer , and i still like cookies , thats all there is to it.

oh god this is a horrible post :D

4 kommenttia:

  1. pretty cool blog you got here.

    also play LoL!

  2. congrats on your post, you are filling the internet trashcan :P
    If i can give you a tip, write something about what you like, for example write something about your bass. Why we should play it, or share you stories. That's better then this b-crap ;)

    Good luck on blogging.. If you need motivationals, go to my blog =)

  3. Haha it was a good post don't worry :)
    Ps. Portal girls are hot :) Nice work!