keskiviikko 11. toukokuuta 2011

Games I'm interested in

So this is where i'll be talking about a game that looks
very interesting , and might consider buying.

It's kinda like mirrors edge with lots of guns.
with a teamplay thrown in to the mix.
so you've got classes such as Engineer , Medic
Soldier and Operative. Interesting about brink
is that you can choose your body type
to be small , average or Heavy , so
you can be a heavy engineer or a
small soldier or a medium operative.
anything is really possible. The reason
i'm interested in this game is the Parkour.
To my attention movement like this
has never been in a FPS.(mirrors edge
wasn't really a FPS in my opinion,
well it did have some guns in it
but you rarely shot them , most of it was just running away.)

So the game play seems really interesting!

what about the story?
Well , you've got two sides , in a artificial island
called The Ark , Resistance and Security. Resistance wants
to escape the ark , while security wants to save The Ark...
I have no idea what will happen in the story , but since
you can play as both sides , it should be VERY interesting!

And Graphics , they aren't really important to me ,
and i despise whining about a game which doesn't have
"Crysis Graphics." Game play comes first!

So the Graphics are a little bit cartoony in my opinion
but still look great. The facial features are pretty much
unique on every character, did i mention that you create
your own character? well i should. But the detail
on the environment  and the characters is really good!

So what do i think of "Brink" ?
Well , the Story is intriguing , game play seems really great
and the graphics are not bad , so i might consider buying the game.

I haven't even touched the game yet , maybe there's a demo somewhere......

Trailer :

6 kommenttia:

  1. brink looks nice, i'm thinking about getting it

  2. I had no idea what this game was about until reading this! Sounds awesome do want.

  3. thanks for sharing but i'll pass

  4. I want to get brink but I heard it sucks! I need a review bad!

  5. Games looks pretty interesting. A review would be sick!