tiistai 17. toukokuuta 2011

Weekly Review

This Week i'll  review BRINK

As you have heard , brink has Parkour , guns and Classes.
The Story of the game is hard to follow , you don't
really get to see what happens to the ark after you've saved
or escaped it , Which is really odd. I hope that there's going to be
DLC for this game , because while it has a very good multiplayer
i'd like to see what happens in the outside world.

Character Customization is perhaps the best i've seen
in a Video game , you can Customize pretty much
anything in your character , too bad though that
the Tattoos are permanent , which is realistic i guess.
You can also Customize your guns by adding new
stuff to them , such as Grenade launchers ,  Red dot
sights , Speed Slings and silencers. I was kind of
sad to see that you couldn't change the guns actual
Color. Well , maybe in the Future DLC's.

The game needs more communication ,
maybe some voice commands such as "Need ammo"
"Medic!" or "Grenade!". it's annoying not to know
what your team needs , and what is lacking.
Every class in Brink is necessary , which makes
your team feel really like a team , not just a bunch
of kids , running and gunning. Also in combat you have to
take a lot of cover , and move. That's where the body types
come in , Heavy , Medium and light.

Heavy is the big guy , he can carry big guns , and has a lot
of health , but he can't climb any obstacles , well he can vault
objects.  Light is the ninja guy , he is really fast and can do all
kinds of parkoury movement , such as wall jumps and climb
very high obstacles , unfortunately he is weakest of the three
and cannot use heavy weapons , or medium ones. he use's only
Smg's and pistols , he can also use the 2 sniper rifles. (sniper rifles
are more of a support weapons , unlike in other games)
Medium is kind of a mix between them , he can do lot's of
stuff , I like to play medium body type the best.

So the Bottomline!

+ Lot's of variety
+ Customization
+ So many choices what kind of character you want to be.
+Team work!
- No voice commands
- only a few maps ( there will be dlc)

Overall i'll give it a 9.
Why ? because while its not perfect , it still is a pretty solid game
i highly recommend playing with friends in your fire team.
the other team WILL get Destroyed.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Sounds like a good game! Thanks for the review

  2. Good to see another game reviewer, Nice Review!

  3. Yes its good game. I just got that game. It looks good but first it was little bit hard find out what i must do but 15 minutes and i was ready to go.