sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

My First video game review

Call of Duty : Black ops
(please remember this is from my personal experience and opinion)

Call of duty: Bops is another call of duty game , with barely anything game changing from
MW2 , sure you've got new weapons and a few new perks, but in the end it's just rehashed.
why do Cods sell so well? i mean yeah , they got the idea of "make new game , make a lot of money"
I don't blame them. In my opinion the best cod was the First modern warfare. it had a basic storyline,
rememberable characters and loads of British people shouting at you , always makes you feel like
you need to have a cup of tea (no offense of course). But back to Call of duty: Black ops
Call of duty Bops , has a Pretty solid story line , even though you are just shooting people again and again.
I was surprised that there actually were a lot of twists in the story line , i ended up holding my breath sometimes . It also made me sad in some points of the game. The campaign has a lot rushing and a lot of action in it
its like a Michael Bay Movie. How about the multi player? the multi player
is "improved" from MW2. Basically they took away the newer guns , and
replaced them with old guns. The Perks are the same as always , but there
are no DeathStreaks anymore , and no martyrdom (Thank God).
But a new annoyance has risen in Bops , Last Stand. It is the most
annoying part of the game to me , to gun someone down and then find
that he is on the ground with a freaking python in his hand , making a cool face and gunning me down.
now that would be okay , but EVERYONE in the game uses it , with the expection of me and my friends.
and if you don't use it , Kudos to you.  Overall the multi player is all right , but its just rehashed.

So Bottom Line
+ Story is Solid
+ Never seen Cold war before
+Campaign has a lot of action in it...
-...Which seems pointless at times
- The multi player is rehashed but it works.
+ Replayability of Multi Player.
- Split screen system link only allows 2 players
- which is bad for lan parties.

So i'll give it a 7½/10 , its rehashed but it works.

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  1. Hey Taffy, I'm getting my game fix from you while PSN is down, keep em coming man and I'll keep comin' back! :)

  2. I like that summary you put at the end it really reinforced your ideas.

    Also great review personally I think COD has boring campaigns

  3. Surprisingly, i have never played this game

  4. Excellent Summary at the end. My fave was MW as well :)