maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

What , another Review?


So , what will i review today?


Minecraft is a Very - Very fun indie game by Mojang.
The basic idea of Minecraft is to survive the first night and
then try to create a house or basically anything!
You see , Minecraft world is pretty much infinite
so you wont be bored of the content it has.
theres always a new mine or a new cave to
explore , always new enemies and animals.
The graphics you say? well. the graphics at
first may seem very primitive , but there are
some great texture mods that can fix that problem
if you wish it to be fixed. I personally love the look of it.
It has that good Snes kinda feel to it. But back to
the actual game. The world is yours to be taken.
But as you progress you will start to think
about your environment , if you cut down that
tree , it will take a few hours to grow it back.
and if you dig that hill , its forever gone it can't
be restored. so to me , it has actually changed the
way i look at my world. Oh god i'm getting sidetracked
again.  The Minecraft multiplayer is very , very fun!
you get a couple of your friends together , and start
building , mining and surviving together. It truly is
a great feeling knowing that someone always has your
back when mining. we have this kind of tax system.
33% of everything you find is yours , 66% is community's.
The community's box is a box where we put all the goodies
and decide together what to do with it. sometimes we
might need rails , sometimes we might need weapons
and tools. But i digress.

+ The world is yours.
+ Great single and multi player
+ The graphics look very fun...
- ...but some people don't like the graphics
+ Endless possibilities
+ its in BETA! this means there is so much to be added.

I'll give it a 9½ out of 10. Its only 15 bucks right now and
 you should definitely check it out
here's a couple of videos of the possibilites.

Please remember that i am only touching the surface of these games
in my reviews. if you are interested in these games.
be sure to look more into them.

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  1. I love minecraft! Next update all those bugs will be fixed thank god

  2. Now that they are gonna open the source code up to devs this game is gonna see some exciting things! The SMP and SP mods are already fantastic! Awesome things to come in the next few months

  3. I love minecraft but i can't reach diamond level. damn!

  4. never played minecraft, But Now I will thx for the great review!

  5. looks kewl!

    like your blog


  6. good work. waiting for more blogs

  7. the pressure is getting me, maybe i really do need to give minecraft a chance..

  8. Minecraft is awesome. Also, following.