maanantai 23. toukokuuta 2011

i'll be gone

I'll be gone this week , i have a trip to go to , so i probably wont have the time to update this blog , But we will see.

Here's a russian firing a big gun.

lauantai 21. toukokuuta 2011

Take a look at this!

Here's another game you should look at just for
the hell of it - Castle Crashers's For the 360 or Ps3!

So basically some "bad guys" have stolen your Princesses and your kingsends you to get them back , on the way to get the princesses you have to fight such creatures as Giant Bats , Aliens and other Knights! It has a 4 player Co-op which has a very nice art style , kind of remindsme of Chibi's or whatever , Everyone has a bigger head , and a smaller body , but it still looks very very cool!

The Fighting is done in a classic Beat em up side scrolling style. The enemies are innovative and very challenging at times so it's a good plan to have a buddy backing you up. You can level
up your character by beating the "bad guys".  The game is
extremely fun with 4 player co-op , get your friends
on your Xbox or Ps3 and start beating em up!

The music is absolutely Top Notch!
Take a Gander

It may seem annoying to you , but you'll get used to it!
There's a lot more where that came from , check you tube for the
main theme , that thing is just epic!

so what have we learned?

-4 player Co op is good
-Beat em ups are fun
- Music can change the game dramatically.

Castle Crashers is for sale on xbox live for 1200 Microsoft points last time i checked , and i don't own a ps3 so i don't know how much it costs back there

There's a demo for it too , so try that thing out.

keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2011

Feeling Nostalgic.

Now this might be a odd thing to say for a guy of my age , but currently i'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

I just remembered that i had my PS1 in my locked closet.
so i cleaned it and hook it back in , Oh so many memories in this
Dusty old thing. I checked the games i had " Crash Bandicoot 2" instantlycaught my eye , This was THE Game to play back then.  I put the diskin and oh god , explosion of pure awesome. The music kicked butt back then and still does , the game has really memorable levels and pretty much what i
think is epic Bosses. They really don't make games like these anymore.

Here's a sample of the music

That would stay in your head for a long long time , if you were like
me jamming that one level , over and over again.

I freaking loved that game.

This game right here is pretty much my whole child hood.
I think i might do a review like this once a week , What do you think?

tiistai 17. toukokuuta 2011

Weekly Review

This Week i'll  review BRINK

As you have heard , brink has Parkour , guns and Classes.
The Story of the game is hard to follow , you don't
really get to see what happens to the ark after you've saved
or escaped it , Which is really odd. I hope that there's going to be
DLC for this game , because while it has a very good multiplayer
i'd like to see what happens in the outside world.

Character Customization is perhaps the best i've seen
in a Video game , you can Customize pretty much
anything in your character , too bad though that
the Tattoos are permanent , which is realistic i guess.
You can also Customize your guns by adding new
stuff to them , such as Grenade launchers ,  Red dot
sights , Speed Slings and silencers. I was kind of
sad to see that you couldn't change the guns actual
Color. Well , maybe in the Future DLC's.

The game needs more communication ,
maybe some voice commands such as "Need ammo"
"Medic!" or "Grenade!". it's annoying not to know
what your team needs , and what is lacking.
Every class in Brink is necessary , which makes
your team feel really like a team , not just a bunch
of kids , running and gunning. Also in combat you have to
take a lot of cover , and move. That's where the body types
come in , Heavy , Medium and light.

Heavy is the big guy , he can carry big guns , and has a lot
of health , but he can't climb any obstacles , well he can vault
objects.  Light is the ninja guy , he is really fast and can do all
kinds of parkoury movement , such as wall jumps and climb
very high obstacles , unfortunately he is weakest of the three
and cannot use heavy weapons , or medium ones. he use's only
Smg's and pistols , he can also use the 2 sniper rifles. (sniper rifles
are more of a support weapons , unlike in other games)
Medium is kind of a mix between them , he can do lot's of
stuff , I like to play medium body type the best.

So the Bottomline!

+ Lot's of variety
+ Customization
+ So many choices what kind of character you want to be.
+Team work!
- No voice commands
- only a few maps ( there will be dlc)

Overall i'll give it a 9.
Why ? because while its not perfect , it still is a pretty solid game
i highly recommend playing with friends in your fire team.
the other team WILL get Destroyed.

torstai 12. toukokuuta 2011

What did i do today?

Nothing special ,  I'll start talking about everything in this
blog now , probably my life too . well i shouldn't probably.
So , today i had my girlfriend over , shes the sweetest thing.
I showed her "Portal" , she caught on very fast actually.
she understood the idea very well , but the controls
did not work out for her , unfortunately , she doesn't
like to be filmed , so don't expect any kind of series.

i suppose i could tell you a bit about my self.
Im 17 years old , i play bass , have constucted my own
computer , and i still like cookies , thats all there is to it.

oh god this is a horrible post :D

keskiviikko 11. toukokuuta 2011

Games I'm interested in

So this is where i'll be talking about a game that looks
very interesting , and might consider buying.

It's kinda like mirrors edge with lots of guns.
with a teamplay thrown in to the mix.
so you've got classes such as Engineer , Medic
Soldier and Operative. Interesting about brink
is that you can choose your body type
to be small , average or Heavy , so
you can be a heavy engineer or a
small soldier or a medium operative.
anything is really possible. The reason
i'm interested in this game is the Parkour.
To my attention movement like this
has never been in a FPS.(mirrors edge
wasn't really a FPS in my opinion,
well it did have some guns in it
but you rarely shot them , most of it was just running away.)

So the game play seems really interesting!

what about the story?
Well , you've got two sides , in a artificial island
called The Ark , Resistance and Security. Resistance wants
to escape the ark , while security wants to save The Ark...
I have no idea what will happen in the story , but since
you can play as both sides , it should be VERY interesting!

And Graphics , they aren't really important to me ,
and i despise whining about a game which doesn't have
"Crysis Graphics." Game play comes first!

So the Graphics are a little bit cartoony in my opinion
but still look great. The facial features are pretty much
unique on every character, did i mention that you create
your own character? well i should. But the detail
on the environment  and the characters is really good!

So what do i think of "Brink" ?
Well , the Story is intriguing , game play seems really great
and the graphics are not bad , so i might consider buying the game.

I haven't even touched the game yet , maybe there's a demo somewhere......

Trailer :

maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

What , another Review?


So , what will i review today?


Minecraft is a Very - Very fun indie game by Mojang.
The basic idea of Minecraft is to survive the first night and
then try to create a house or basically anything!
You see , Minecraft world is pretty much infinite
so you wont be bored of the content it has.
theres always a new mine or a new cave to
explore , always new enemies and animals.
The graphics you say? well. the graphics at
first may seem very primitive , but there are
some great texture mods that can fix that problem
if you wish it to be fixed. I personally love the look of it.
It has that good Snes kinda feel to it. But back to
the actual game. The world is yours to be taken.
But as you progress you will start to think
about your environment , if you cut down that
tree , it will take a few hours to grow it back.
and if you dig that hill , its forever gone it can't
be restored. so to me , it has actually changed the
way i look at my world. Oh god i'm getting sidetracked
again.  The Minecraft multiplayer is very , very fun!
you get a couple of your friends together , and start
building , mining and surviving together. It truly is
a great feeling knowing that someone always has your
back when mining. we have this kind of tax system.
33% of everything you find is yours , 66% is community's.
The community's box is a box where we put all the goodies
and decide together what to do with it. sometimes we
might need rails , sometimes we might need weapons
and tools. But i digress.

+ The world is yours.
+ Great single and multi player
+ The graphics look very fun...
- ...but some people don't like the graphics
+ Endless possibilities
+ its in BETA! this means there is so much to be added.

I'll give it a 9½ out of 10. Its only 15 bucks right now and
 you should definitely check it out
here's a couple of videos of the possibilites.

Please remember that i am only touching the surface of these games
in my reviews. if you are interested in these games.
be sure to look more into them.